Online Baccarat Philippines

Baccarat has a long and proud heritage that originated in Italy, spread to France in the 1400’s, and has made its way around the world. It has been one of the most popular games in land casinos for years, and has proven just as much of a favourite in the online Philippines casinos that we review here. It is a complex and fascinating Baccarat game, and its popularity with the sophisticated players of today is easy to understand.

There are three versions of the game, but Punto Banco is the most common. Here, a player bets on one of three possible outcomes – Banker, Player or Tie. Two hands of two cards are dealt in each round, one to the dealer (or “Banker”) and another one, which is called the “Player”. The number cards from two to nine have their face value, the ten, Jack, Queen and King cards have a value of zero and the Ace card has a value of one. The values in each hand are tallied, and the ten values of the totals are ignored. For example, a hand with two sevens would be worth four, not fourteen. The range of Baccarat online hands is thus zero, the worst hand, to nine, the best.

If the Player or Banker hand has an eight or nine total, it is called a natural and wins the round. A Player total of six or seven stands, and a total of zero to five means that a third card will be dealt to the Player’s hand. Whether the Banker is dealt a third card or not is determined by the Banker’s hand, whether the Player was dealt a third card, and what the third Player card was. These rules are quite involved, but players need not memorise them as dealers will always take responsibility for them. Many of the online casinos in the Philippines actually deal third cards automatically if the circumstances are appropriate. The only thing players need to focus on is placing their bets.

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Baccarat Casino Betting and Payouts

If a player bets on the Player hand and wins, the payout is a straight forward one to one. If they wager on the Banker hand and win, the payout is also one to one, but is less five per cent commission. Betting on a tie yields a payout of eight to one.

Baccarat Online Casino Strategy

There is no way to control how cards are dealt, and this limits the strategies that can be used while playing online Baccarat. What can be controlled are the bets that are placed, which is where the Baccarat game strategy is centred.

The betting should be based on calculated odds, and players should explore the fantastic resources that many online Philippines casinos actually provide on this. As a basic guideline, gamblers should never bet on a tie as the house has an edge of 14.1 % for that wager, and should also not bet against a string of wins for either the Player or the Banker side. The best thing to do in such a situation is to stop betting after three wins and wait until the run has stopped, or to bet with the run.

Prestigious entertainment brought to all

Baccarat online has always been the last word in refined card play, and has provided endless fascination to society’s elite for hundreds of years. Now the sophisticated players at the best online casinos in Philippines and the rest of the world can indulge in this premier amusement at any time using trusted banking options like Credit Cards casino deposits

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