Online Sic Bo Philippines

Originating in Ancient China, Sic Bo is one of the most popular games in offline and online casinos in the Philippines, and is fast becoming a firm favourite all over the world.

In online Sic Bo, the dealer rolls three dice using a “Dice Shaker”, a vibrating platform. Online casinos reproduce this using Random Number Generation. Before the winning numbers are determined, players place their bets. There are actually fifty possible wagers, which can get very confusing! The Sic Bo game table is specially designed, showing all possible bets and payouts to help gamblers keep track. Using three dice makes the odds a lot greater than other dice games, but the payouts are correspondingly larger as well. The game’s basic odds don’t change, but most of the online Philippines casinos reviewed here have a few specific rules of their own regarding payouts, and table layouts can also vary.

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Betting and strategy of Sic Bo Online Philippines

Most of the joy of Sic Bo online comes in the exhilarating elements of chance, and there is very little strategy that can be employed or refined in the game. There are however many different ways of betting, with odds that vary quite considerably. The wagers a player makes will depend on how much they wish to take, or how lucky they are feeling.

Firstly, players can make the risky “Three of a Kind” bet. Here, a specific number must appear on all three dice. The odds of winning are 1 out of 216, so the house has a huge edge, but the payout is a staggering 150 to one. This is a bet for the days when players feel that Lady Luck is smiling upon them! There is also a bet called “Any Three of a Kind”, where a non-specified number must appear on all three dice. This is of course six times more likely than “Three of a Kind”, but still very rare. The “Two of a Kind” bet pays out when a specified number appears on two of the three dice. This has a 5.82 % chance of winning, and pays out 8 to one. A “One of a Kind” bet is the simplest, and only specifies one number which must appear on one of the dice. Players can also place a “Duo” bet, where two different but specified numbers must appear.

The Sic Bo name means “Small Big” and probably stems from the fact that there are areas of the payout table called “Small” and “Big”. These areas pay even money. In the “Small” area players can bet that the sum of the dice will be equal to a specified number between four and ten, excluding “Three of a Kind”. Three ones is thus not a winning bet, and neither are the hard ways six and nine, which gives the house its edge. The “Big” area works in the same way, and the sum of the numbers must be a specified number between eleven and seventeen, also excluding “Three of a Kind”. Again, hard ways provide the casino edge, this time twelve and fifteen, and three sixes are also not a winning bet. Online Sic Bo players can also bet on the dice total being from four to seventeen. The corresponding payouts are detailed on the table.

A great Sic Bo Game addition to every playing experience

Online Sic Bo success and allure lies in its simple Migrograming casino software design and the many complex possibilities it creates. The sophisticated players in the online Philippines casinos of today are enjoying this Sic Bo game of chance and varying odds more and more.

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