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Blackjack is thought to have originated from Ving-et-Un, meaning “twenty-one”, that was popular in French gaming halls around 1700. It has been popular in land casinos for centuries, and has now found just as much favour in the online casinos in the Blackjack casino and the rest of the world. Much of its allure lies in the fact that it allows players to combine the luck of the draw with their own ability. It’s the perfect no deposit casino games for thinking players who also relish the thrilling element of chance!

Blackjack online rules are quite simple, and bely the many layers and textures that the game has. Each player in the Blackjack game and the dealer (the “house”) are given two cards to begin with. The objective is to reach a hand total of twenty-one, or as close as possible without exceeding it. Players may draw cards from the deck, and are said to “stand” when they do not wish to draw any more. The dealer must draw until reaching a total of at least seventeen.

The number cards from two to ten are assigned their face value, the Jack, Queen and King cards are assigned the value of ten and the Ace cards are assigned the value of eleven or one. Players bet before the hands are dealt and seen, and win if they score higher than the dealer but not over twenty-one. If they score lower they lose the bet, and if they tie they are allowed to keep the bet. If both dealer and player go over twenty-one, the house wins the player’s bet. A “Blackjack” or “Natural Twenty-One” is reached if a player gets to twenty-one with a combination of an Ace and a face card. This singularly rewarding situation yields a 3:2 return to the player on his bet!

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Blackjack Online Strategy enhances playing enjoyment

For many players, Blackjack casino real satisfaction lies in the refinement of the strategies they use. However, it is important to make sure strategy is used correctly, as even a small deviation can greatly decrease winning odds.

As in every casino card game, the odds of winning are stacked against the player. However, with careful moves it is possible to reduce the house edge dramatically. Strategy should be based on the hand the player was dealt as well as the dealer’s visible face-up card. It is possible to calculate the odds of each situation and thus decide how to bet. There are also many online Blackjack strategy tables, which show players exactly how to bet based on every possible combination of their own hand and the dealer’s upcard.

Card counting is another popular strategy that can decrease the house edge to almost zero, and can give a slight advantage to the player as well. Card counting demands a lot of skill and practice, and should not be taken on lightly. Most of the online casinos in the Philippines provide fantastic resources on developing card counting and other winning strategies. They also allow a Blackjack game to be played for free, which provides invaluable practice.

Sophistication for the Blackjack casino players of today

The thinking users of the online casinos in the Philippines will find just as much enjoyment and satisfaction from this Blackjack game as its first players did hundreds of years ago. The refinement and sophistication of this entertainment has definitely stood the test of time.

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