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There are various theories as to where the Roulette game originated, one being that it is derived from a game that the Roman soldiers played, where they shot arrows onto a wheel for both points and distinction in the ranks. The Ancient Greeks and Chinese are said to have indulged in games similar to this as well, but the French are to thank for modernising it and giving us the game we know today.

Blaise Pascal is officially the author of the Roulette game fans enjoy, refining it when he stumbled upon it in the mid-17th century whilst trying to formulate a machine for perpetual motion. Monsieur Pascal named it and formulated some rules to govern it, and it soon proved a popular pastime for fashionable Parisians –surprisingly, it was particularly beloved in the monasteries of the time!

Lois and Francois Blanc opened up gambling houses in Hamburg, Germany in the mid-19th century, and offered Roulette online to their clientele with great success. Whilst meeting with objections based on the strict religious rules governing the times in that part of Europe then, it did find success in areas like Monte Carlo, and has developed into the game we know today from there.

After meeting with great success in the United States of America, when it reached those shores in the early 19th century, it has become a standard option in any online casino worth its salt. Roulette can be played in any Philippines online casino worth a mention, and is even offered in 3D in some! It is also very commonly found amongst the live dealer options of any given gambling house, which are always popular with dedicated casino game fans.

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Tips to Play in the Best Online Roulette Casinos in the Philippines Today

The best thing about online Roulette, besides the entertainment it offers, is that it is really one of the simplest games to learn and master. For this reason, players who are new to the world of online casinos, or online gambling in general, are recommended to start here for the best results. Lady Luck is really the key to your success in this game, as is the case with the best online casino games on mobile devices.

Although there are some basic strategies, which you will be able to pick up quickly as you go, even if you have never played, these should not be applied to all of the online Roulette games you play, all of the time. Your best bet is your hunch, and a proper estimation of the odds.

Philippines Roulette Online Conclusion

Online Roulette is an exciting game of chance, and you may well win a fortune if luck is on your side, you’ve chosen the right game and your strategy and knowledge of the rules are in place. Keep practising in free mode until you are sure of yourself and confident you can make the win, and then simply sit back and enjoy this game that stretches hundreds of years back. Roulette online has made many men and women wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, and you may well be the next!

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