Simple playing and winning with Keno Online Philippines

Keno online combines elements of Bingo, Poker and Roulette and has proud roots that stretch all the way back to Ancient China! Today it is a popular game in online casinos in the Philippines and around the world.

In online Keno lottery-style game numbers are randomly selected from a group of eighty and players are paid out according to how many match numbers they pre-selected. In a live casino, balls that are numbered from one to eighty are used, and twenty random ones are drawn as the winning numbers. In online Philippines casinos, Random Number Generation creates the winning combinations. Once all the numbers are shown, payouts are made according to how many of the winning numbers were pre-selected by the players and how much they bet.

The house edge and specific rules of Keno games tend to vary between casinos, and no two game houses offer identical games. Playing online is often more advantageous as it is cheaper and pays out much more. Users of the fantastic online casinos in the Philippines should take the time to find the sites that offer their favourite versions and the best payouts, and the sites we have reviewed here are a great place to start.

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Strategy and tips of Keno Games Philippines

Keno is based on chance, and player enjoyment comes from the thrill of possible big wins and casino bonuses rather than the possibility of refining strategy over time. Payouts are very rewarding but the large lot of numbers makes winning quite difficult. However, there are some tricks that can tip the odds in a player’s favour.

The first thing to remember is to bet the maximum amount allowed, which is usually about five dollars online. Betting the maximum does not decrease the house edge, but for those that are lucky enough to win the payouts are greatly increased.

Knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to do and there are many false Keno casino strategies that promise to deliver big winnings but never do, and can be very costly for players. It is often advised to purchase multiple tickets, so that more numbers can be selected. However, each ticket is treated separately and payouts are based on the numbers on each different ticket, so this does not increase the chances of winning. It can make the game more exciting, and players should purchase more than one ticket if they wish to, but it is not a winning strategy.

Players also often fall prey to analysing numbers when trying to decide which ones to select. It is important to remember that Keno online is a totally random game, and there is no pattern in the number drawing or generating. Numbers that have come up in the past have no influence on numbers that will come up in the future. Some sites advise picking numbers that are “hot” or are “due to hit” but this usually lead to bitter disappointment!

Gentle online Keno game play for everyone

For those who want the thrill of gambling without taking too much risk, the Keno games offers the perfect solution. Users at online casinos in the Philippines and the rest of the world are turning to this simple game for thinking players more and more.

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