Online Video Poker Philippines

Video Poker was introduced in the 1970s, and has been a popular mobile casino game house entertainment ever since. Online casinos in Philippines have found it to be a favourite among their sophisticated users, blending the skill and strategy of traditional Poker with the exhilaration and anonymity of Slots machines.

Although there are several Video Poker games variations, each follows the same basic rules. Players insert up to five credits or bet up to five coins if playing online, and five cards are “dealt”, appearing on the screen. Players choose which to hold and which to discard, which is where strategy really comes into play. The discards are replaced, and payouts are made according to this final hand and how much bet.

The well-known Poker hand hierarchy is used, and the pay table for each game is usually clearly displayed. Aficionados all have a favourite version of the game, but the most popular in online Philippines casinos is the original Jacks or Better game, which only pays out if the hand includes a pair of Jacks or higher-ranked cards.

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Video Poker Games Online

New players can find Video Poker online strategy a little daunting at first, but once the basic principles have been learnt it is quite straightforward. Optimal strategy depends on which variation is being played, and online casino in the Philippines users can access fantastic resources to improve their skills in every variation at various casino sites and through different specially designed software applications.

Strategic decisions actually come into effect before play is even begun. Choosing the machine with the best payouts is very important. The best payouts will be the most beneficial to players, so some time should be spent investigating and finding these machines. Online, this can mean some serious exploration. All of the sites reviewed here deliver excellent payouts and are a great place to start.

The bets placed should also be decided upon strategically. Often Video Poker games pay our five credits for a Royal Flush, which eliminated the house edge and gives a slight advantage to players. These flushes are rare, but if it is possible and affordable to play with five credits (or coins online) it is actually more cost-effective.

Video Poker Online Strategy for Jacks or Better

As the most common and popular version of Video Poker online, this a fantastic place for new players to start refining their strategy. The hands are described here from the best to the last viable option. In each instance, the other cards in a dealt hand should be replaced.

A Straight or Royal Flush, or Four of a Kind, should always be kept. The next best thing to keep is four cards towards making a Royal Flush, and then a Full House or Three of a Kind. Four cards towards making a Straight Flush and any Two Pair should also be kept. Any pair of Jacks or higher-ranked cards should definitely be kept, and then three cards towards making a Royal Flush or four cards towards making a Flush. The next best set is any pair of lower-ranked cards, followed by four cards towards making an open-ended straight. This is followed by a hand with two unmatched suited cards, and then three cards towards making a Straight Flush. The second-last viable combination is a suited ten card with a Jack, Queen or King, and the last is any single Jack or higher-ranked card. After this, all cards should be replaced.

Enjoyable for all

Video Poker online is both thought-provoking and satisfyingly instant, and delivers the exhilaration of quick wins. It’s the perfect addition to any casino experience!

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